Manual of Service Law
January 2011

Manual of Service Law (MSL) Version 2.0 January 2011
This manual replaced, with effect from 31 October 2009, the Manual of Naval Law, the Manual of Military Law and the Manual of Air Force Law. It is a guide to the legislation and subordinate legislation which was introduced in the Armed Forces Act 2006.

Volume 1:
This volume covers the Service discipline system generally and includes a wide range of matters such as jurisdiction, arrest, custody, investigations, charging and mode of trial, summary hearing, review and appeal.

Volume 2:
This volume covers matters pertaining to the Service Courts including the Court Martial, the Service Civilian Court and the Summary Appeal Court. It is intended to provide guidance to legal advisers and the staff of the Military Court Service, who administer proceedings before these Courts.

Volume 3:
Volume 3 contains the Act and the underpinning secondary legislation, as well as other allied legislation and source material, which will be useful to legal professionals.

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