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10/11/2018 ForcesWatch comment

The century since the end of the First World War has seen significant development in thinking around war trauma. We explore what the current lack of recognition of moral injury and the part it plays in mental health says about our attitude to war and serving personnel.

25/07/2018 ForcesWatch press release

The Defence Select Committee recommended that the Ministry of Defence ‘conducts or commissions further research into female personnel, early Service leavers and recruits under 18 to determine the extent to which they are at higher risk of developing mental health conditions.’

24/07/2018 ForcesWatch comment

Last week the Coroner at Working Coroner’s Court delivered the findings into the circumstances of Sean Benton’s death at Deepcut Barracks in June 1995. Sean was the first of four soldiers to die there between 1995 and 2002. ForcesWatch have been monitoring the inquest; this article shares our records from the inquest and notes on the final findings.

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31/03/2015 RT

Experts warn the “floodgates” of post-traumatic stress are about to open, as a top armed forces charity claims mental health issues among military personnel have risen 26 percent over the last year.

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13/05/2014 The Guardian

More than 1,600 service personnel required medical treatment in the past year

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13/05/2014 Telegraph

Not all Afghan veterans will suffer from mental trauma – but we owe a debt to those who do

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21/01/2014 British Forces News

The Defence Committee hears evidence about mental health risks in the armed forces.

War Trauma Hits Young Soldiers Hardest: New Report

Post-war mental health problems are most common in young soldiers from disadvantaged backgrounds; also in veterans who left the forces in the last decade.

The report, The Last Ambush?, draws on over 150 sources, including 41 British military mental health studies, as well as testimony from veterans. 

The report calls for the policy of recruiting from age 16 to be reviewed so that the greatest burden of risk is not left to the youngest, most vulnerable recruits to shoulder. 

The report includes testimony from veterans and discusses in depth:

  • how and why some veterans experience mental health problems
  • the limitations of mental health research in military groups
  • the role of adolescent maturity and childhood adversity
  • the role of military culture, structures and operations
  • the role of social and structural support after leaving the armed forces
  • why raising the minimum age of recruitment to 18 would better serve the interests of young people in respect of mental health risks

Download the full report (PDF 1294kb)

Download the Executive Summary (PDF 268kb)

Read the press release: War trauma hits young soldiers hardest: new report

Read the ForcesWatch response to the Ministry of Defence's statement about The Last Ambush, 28 October 2013

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28/10/2013 ForcesWatch press release

Young soldiers recruited from disadvantaged backgrounds are substantially more likely than other troops to return from war experiencing problems with their mental health, says a wide-ranging report published today by human rights group ForcesWatch.