ForcesWatch events

book launch, performance & discussion

At a comfortable distance from warfare, our culture easily passes over its horrific reality in favour of an appealing, even romantic, spectacle of war. Yet, over the last decade, most Britons have opposed Western military ventures abroad. This book takes a fresh look at a culture of militarism in Britain, public resistance to it, and the government's prodigious efforts to regain control of the story we tell ourselves about war.  See details & buy book

Film launch and public meeting, June 2014

Why does the military have a 'youth engagement' policy and why is the government promoting 'military ethos' within education? What is the impact of military activities taking place in schools? This short film explores these questions and gives teenagers the opportunity to voice their reaction to the military’s interest in their lives.

See film and more info. With Welsh subtitles

Other events

ForcesWatch have recently held a series of events with discussing the role of the armed forces in mainstream education. Not only do the armed forces visit thousands of schools each year but the military is becoming more integrated into Britain's education system with 'military ethos' presented as a solution to educational problems, See more here

ForcesWatch regularly speak at meetings and events, and run workshops - for young people in schools and elsewhere and for a general audience. Contact us if you would like us to participate in an event.