Military recruitment: unethical

UK armed forces recruitment practices are largely unethical

  • The armed forces target recruitment campaigns on disadvantaged young people, failing to properly inform them of the difficulties and obligations of a military career.
  • The UK is the only EU country to recruit 16-year-olds into the armed forces.
  • Recruits under 18 commit themselves to up to 6 year's service before they are adults.
  • Adult recruits commit themselves for up to 4 year's service with a long notice period, and must join the reserves afterwards.
  • Whilst some people join the armed forces for positive reasons, others sign up as a last resort because they can’t find another job.
  • Recruits are not normally informed about their rights to express moral objections to military operations.
  • Armed forces personnel face significant risks during service, including psychological harm, and many struggle to resettle into civilian life.