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Remembrance Day - Sunday 11 Nov 2018 ​

Ceremony of Remembrance and Peace 100 years after the end of the First World War, 1pm in Tavistock Sq, London WC1. With readings by actor Michael Mears, poetry reading and placing of white poppies on the Conscientious Objectors’ Stone.

Meet activists and find out about current campaigns, 2–5pm, Friends House, Euston Rd, London NW1. With live music, stalls, a children's programme led by the Woodcraft Folk, plus books and food available from the Cafe. Organised by WW1 Peace Forum. ForcesWatch will be there!  All welcome!

See a list of other remembrance & commemoration events.

These presentations were recorded at the launch of the report Warrior Nation: War, Militarisation and British democracy by Paul Dixon (published by ForcesWatch) on 25 June 2018 in London:  

  • Warrior Nation: war, militarisation and British democracy, by Professor Paul Dixon   
  • Military Britain by Professor Joanna Bourke
  • Militarism in public life in the UK, Emma Sangster, Coordinator of ForcesWatch

Watch all the films

Take Action on Militarism: new website & resource pack

Scottish Parliament Petition

ForcesWatch and Quakers in Scotland submitted a petition to the Scottish Parliament to:

  • scrutinise armed forces visits to schools in Scotland
  • provide guidance on how such visits should be conducted
  • ensure that parents are always consulted.

The petition is now being heard by the Scottish Parliament. See more info.

Ask your MP to support raising the age of recruitment

Challenging the military in schools

ForcesWatch are challenging the military's involvement in UK schools and colleges and the promotion of 'military ethos' within national education policy by the Department for Education. Please help us by:

How to approach your school with your concerns

This ForcesWatch briefing is for parents, students and teachers concerned with military activities in their school. It looks at:

  • how and why the armed forces engage with schools and colleges
  • perspecitves on armed forces activities in schools and colleges
  • things to think about before raising concerns with the school
  • points and questions to raise with the school
  • alternatives to military-led activities
  • sources of more information

Download the PDF file

Share your news

Let us know of any activities you are working on or in your area about military activity in schools or challenging militarism. We can help spread the word.

A new film about recent militarism and the battle for the hearts and minds of young people in the UK. The film follows the stories of Ben Griffin, former SAS soldier and founder of Veterans for Peace UK, and Quaker activist Sam Walton, and features the work of ForcesWatch and partner organisations. See here for screenings and how to organise one. You can also watch the film free online for a few days over the Remembrance weekend - see on Facebook and Vimeo

White poppies for schools

The schools pack includes white poppies and copies of the learning resource and white poppy leaflets. See details.

'Our security' competition for schools & teaching resources

Our security image

We are working with the Rethinking Security network and Quakers in Britain to develop school resources on 'our security'.

Materials for use in schools

Take a look at education resources for materials for use in schools that look at things from a different perspective.

See also Quaker resources on peace education  and those provided by the Peace Education Network.

Book: confronting a culture of militarism

At a comfortable distance from warfare, our culture easily passes over its horrific reality in favour of an appealing, even romantic, spectacle of war. Yet, over the last decade, most Britons have opposed Western military ventures abroad. This book takes a fresh look at a culture of militarism in Britain, public resistance to it, and the government's prodigious efforts to regain control of the story we tell ourselves about war.  See details & buy book

Watch our film on the miltary and young people

Why does the military have a 'youth engagement' policy and why is the government promoting 'military ethos' within education? What is the impact of military activities taking place in schools? This short film explores these questions and gives teenagers the opportunity to voice their reaction to the military’s interest in their lives.

See film and more info. With Welsh subtitles

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